Longevity by Allen Alexopulos

Allen Alexopulos

A natural-edge hollow vessel turned from a small Wye Oak limb. The piece features insect holes, bark inclusions, stress fractures and wild figure that combined highlight the centuries-old struggle between the venerable Wye Oak and the mighty forces of nature. It is finished with tung oil and carnauba wax.

Dimensions: 3 ½” high - 4 ½” diameter -1 3/8” diameter at rim

About the Artist:  Mr. Alexopulos creates custom woodturning art in his shop in Annapolis, Maryland. Most of his pieces are turned from tree species indigenous to the central Maryland area. His artistic goal is to highlight as much of the natural figure, texture and color from the wood as possible. Simple shapes combined with graceful curvatures amplify the beauty of his turnings. More of Mr. Alexopulos’ works can be seen at www.lathescapes.com <http://www.lathescapes.com>. Mr. Alexopulos is a member of the Chesapeake Woodturners and the American Association of Woodturners.