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Combo Search

To search our catalog using the Combo Search:
Enter the Search Term(s) in the appropriate field(s) and select the Search button. This search can narrow your results by combining Author, Title, and/or Subject searches.
Note: If you enter a term in more than one field, the terms are automatically joined by the Boolean operator AND thus, narrowing your search. However, you do not have to enter terms in more than one field to receive results.

Expert Search

To search our catalog using the Expert Search:
Click a Search Type and enter criteria in the corresponding Search Terms(s) field. If necessary, specify additional searches and join them with the appropriate Boolean operators. The following operators are available:

You can perform complex searches using the Boolean operators described above to join up to three search terms. This allows you to generate more precise results.


A mediagraphy is a customized, printable search results list that makes locating items on library shelves easier.
To create a customized mediagraphy:
Perform a search to generate a search results page.
Click the check box in front of each search result you want to add to your mediagraphy and select Add to Mediagraphy.
To add all search results to your mediagraphy, choose Select all.
To view your mediagraphy list, choose Display Mediagraphy.
To print your mediagraphy, select Print from the browser toolbar.


To search our catalog using the Visual Search:
Simply click an image. If a page with additional images appears, continue selecting pictures until you receive a results list.