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posted on: June 3, 2021

Carp on Triadelphia

Type: Nontidal
Region: Central
Location: Triadelphia Reservoir

Today I fished with my friend, Cliff Hutt, on Triadelphia. We were targeting carp. Every 17yrs they feast on cicadas.

We arrived early and made our way looking for cicadas on the surface of the water. As we searched out carp, we fished for largemouth bass on wacky rig. We found an area where the insects were landing on the water. Then the fight was on!

We caught close to 20 carp on fly rods and a few bonus bass, crappie and bluegill. We were sight casting on them as they fed on cicada. I was using a heavy fly rod, an 8 wt. I could see the carp that were feeding. Usually two or three fish trying to eat a single cicada. I'd cast beyond them then bring my bait close. They'd then turn to eat it, or chase it down. Any fish that wasn't feeding and spotted me would bolted off to deeper water. So I needed to sit still, watch for movement on or below the water surface then take my cast. Keeping the bait at a slow steady retrieve. What a blast. The common carp also known as the poor mans bonefish.