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posted on: June 9, 2021

St Maryís Lake

Type: Nontidal
Region: Southern
Location: St. Mary's Lake

I fished St Maryís Lake today, 06/08 from 10:30 until 3:30. Yea, I know the warmest part of the day, but that didnít have an impact on my fishing.

Once I found the fish I was able to repeat the pattern. The fish were in two locations. The first proved more productive, fishing in the shade where trees and/or bushes hung over the water. If there was wood, grass or lily pads in the shaded area all the better. Casting a wacky rig right up against the shoreline, or visible structure proved effective.

The second pattern proved to be a surprise, Fishing on small shallow water bays. The fish were eating small square billed crankbaits, in the direct heat. On these flat bay type locations I simply fan cast my bait.

In the end I caught 31 largemouth bass and bycatch crappie, yellow perch and a pickerel. The bycatch were all on the shallow bays. And yes I got bass thumb!!!