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posted on: June 9, 2021

Central Maryland Pond Fishing

Type: Nontidal
Region: Central
Location: Ponds

Fishing for a variety of species in central Maryland small lakes and farm ponds has been red hot with various sunfish species spawning and post spawn bass recuperating well and taking various plastics as well as some topwaters such as buzz baits and various prop-lures. The photos show me with a 10.5 inch bluegill, a 10-inch bluegill X pumpkinseed sunfish hybrid, a 10-inch pumpkinseed sunfish that took earth worms and a nice farmpond bass that took a buzz bait.

Many waters are now experiencing the second spawn of the year for sunfish species that peak with the full-moon phase. Look for increased bedding activity during the week of June 24th as bluegills, pumpkinseeds, red ear sunfish and various hybrids will once again actively nest in the shallows.