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posted on: May 25, 2023

Crab Baskets

Type: Chesapeake
Location: Chesapeake Bay

We have all seen the brightly colored plastic baskets that look like durable bushel baskets. Recreational crabbers need to be aware that the wooden slat baskets are the U.S. standard bushel and the only legal basket to represent a legal bushel of blue crabs. The plastic baskets are actually representing a bushel of oysters, and this is larger than a U.S. standard bushel. It is not illegal to use a plastic basket or other container for your crabs but if you’re striving for a legal bushel, one better do their homework on where the line is for a legal bushel for the container or plastic basket you’re using. For legal purposes and avoiding headaches with and for the Natural Resources Police, make sure to use the wooden slat baskets if you are lucky enough to put together a bushel of crabs.