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Posted on March 25, 2013 | Permalink

Potomac River Walleye - Good Fishing and Fish for the Future

Type: Nontidal
Region: Western
Location: Potomac River

Walleye in the upper Potomac River move extensively during the early spring looking for suitable spawning habitat, typically found on rocky shorelines and riffles. As they move upstream, major barriers such as rapids, significant ledges, and dams will concentrate fish. This makes for productive fishing and provides an opportunity for Inland Fisheries to collect walleye to serve as brood fish for the hatchery. Crankbaits and various jigs are effective lures for walleye and should be fished near the bottom to be most effective. The walleye have begun to spawn and most spawning activity will be completed by April 1.

Mature male and female walleye were collected from the Potomac by electrofishing during early March and transported to Manning Hatchery to be spawned. After they are spawned they are returned to the Potomac. The fry and fingerlings produced are used to maintain walleye populations throughout Maryland, including the Potomac. Stocking efforts are concentrated in the river between Dam 5 and Dam 3. Although walleye reproduce naturally in the Potomac, yearclasses have generally been weak. Supplementing the natural reproduction with fingerlings produced in the hatchery will help to maintain the population at a level that provides good fishing.

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